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pmp-lastmile-jisha-pmpI remember our first PMP® strategy call, where Jisha Joe talked about how this certification is not just a must-have for project managers from career opportunities perspective, but also so do their job confidently. She wanted to move up the ladder with PMP® under her belt. Though she began in Learning domain, she soon found her penchant for project management and made the shift.

Jisha works as a Project Manager with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, on Lean Six Sigma improvement projects. She holds a post graduation in Industrial relations and Personnel management and is an animal and nature lover.

Next day Jisha joined PM Exam Last Mile prep program and we worked out the customized study plan together. Her eagerness to take up the study and commitment in spite of unexpected work related challenges impressed me the most.

And today she is a proud PMP® certified project manager. In this article Jisha shares her preparation journey, lessons learned, and few study tips that she has picked up along the way. I’m sure you will find this article quite useful if you are preparing for the PMP® exam, especially if planning to pass it before the new exam kicks in.

How come you decided on PMP®?

jisha-joe-pmpI started my career as a Learning and Development Executive and continued to be in the training field for many years till I got an opportunity to move into a PM role within my organization.

It was a very new experience for me and I realized that PMP® held a lot of value in the Project Management field all over the world.

I have seen how PMP® certified project managers efficiently manage their projects, and so I was sold on the importance of this certification for my career.

And now I wanted to do this before the new exam rolls in.

Great! Now that you are PMP® certified, what’s the core benefit you expect?

It helped me understand the intricacies of end-to-end project management. I have been able to use some of the concepts in my current project after I began the study, and I have been able to see critical gaps & fill them.

PMP® is an invaluable addition to my profile, I already feel confident of taking up more challenging projects.

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Which study resources did you use?

I picked just two –

How did you approach the exam and what was your study plan?

One of my friends who had completed his PMP® certification with Shiv’s program referred me to him. I wasn’t sure how to proceed and Shiv helped me with a study plan, resources, and direction to move ahead.

We made a 11 week study plan. I was able to make measured and definitive progress with weekly calls with Shiv.

I had been thinking of attempting this certification for more than 5 years now, but the thing with PMP® is that you cannot make it till you are a hundred percent focused, determined and dedicated.

Making up your mind to be completely focused is crucial. And stick to the study plan and never miss even a single a day of study.

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You were part of the PM Exam Last Mile prep program. Could you share how it helped you?

I was looking for a trigger to get me started seriously on my PMP® journey and the PM Exam Last Mile Program helped me with that.

The study plan, videos, mind maps, and mini quizzes all helped me gain a deeper understanding of the concepts.

The program also helped me forecast when will I be ready to take the exam, and accordingly I fixed the exam slot. This way things were predictable and I could enjoy the journey.

The week before the exam is crucial. What was your approach to study during this week?

Yes the last week is most crucial, and I took few days off from work leading up to the exam.

This helped me revise without interruptions and actually de-risk the exam.

During these days I referred to my highlights made in my PMBOK book, revised the mind maps, solved full length mock exams & reviewed the incorrect answers.

On the day before the exam, I relaxed had a good night’s sleep and tried to maintain stay calm and focused.

Can you talk about your exam experience?

I took the exam at Lalbagh road PearsonVUE office, Bangalore. I dint want to take the online exam due to uncertainties with power outage or broadband outage at home.

The test center was very well maintained but with extremely stringent security policy and cameras all over the place. ?

The staff was helpful throughout. The temperature in the exam room was ideal and comfortable too.

About half the questions were complex and confusing.

I opted for the optional break after the 89th question. That gave me a good breather to stretch and drink some water after and be rejuvenated for the remaining half.

Pass PMP exam before the new & harder exam rolls in..

Work one-on-one with Shiv every week, fast track your progress, and pass with confidence.

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Any specific study tips?

One thing to remember is that there is no short-cut to PMP®. Hard work, focus, and determination is key.

  • Stick to the study plan as much as you can, and if you stray (chances are you will!) back back on track and move forward. That’s the best thing you can do. Life will happen, but don’t be hard on yourself.
  • After 1 round of study, forecast and choose a date, book the exam and plan backwards.

I kept telling to myself that I can do it and I did it!

I wish all exam aspirants good luck,

Jisha Joe, PMP

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