#GetPMPIn2019 PMP® Challenge – I’ll give you the means, to achieve the ends!


Yes, It’s possible to pass PMP exam in 6 weeks. Click to discover how..

Several years ago, I took my PMP® exam on 31st December.

It was a 2pm exam slot.

As I was traveling to the test center I was thinking to myself, “well, today is 31st December. If I passed the exam, I’ll have one more reason to celebrate tonight. And if I didn’t…”

The optimist in me said, “If I didn’t pass, I’ll know exactly what my New Year resolution is going to be. AND I’ll have had a head start!”.

Well, either way I would have something to gain.

I came out of the exam hall at 6.10 pm.

I remember the feelings so vividly.

The first feeling was that of relief. As if a heavy load was lifted off my shoulders.

Well, it was close to 3 years since I had initially ‘decided’ to take up PMP®.

So relief it had to be. 🙂

Then the feeling of hope and excitement about things that were in front of me.

A true New Year.

And the celebration that night, was something I’ll remember for a long long time.

As I was recalling this experience over this past weekend, it got me thinking.

“Why don’t I create such an opportunity for my readers, my students?”

The weekend was productively spent in coming up with an approach, a strategy, and a spreadsheet based 11-week tracking plan.

So here’s my challenge to you today –

The average time taken for PMP prep is 6 weeks. I will give you a proven 4-wkstudy plan, a smart and brain-friendly study program, and rock-solid support all the way till you pass the exam. Are you willing to take these and pass your PMP exam before the calendar turns 1st January, 2020?

1st Jan 2020 would be a morning to remember.

It would be like starting the year with the New Year resolution already fulfilled!

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If you are up to the challenge, here’s how to go about it.

  • Step 1: Click to sign up for PMP Last Mile Prep Program. You can watch the 3 hour free training videos to sample the mind-map based training (35+hrs of video training plus another 16+hrs of training resources).
  • Step 2: I’ve added a Module-Zero, just for this challenge. It has the study plan (flexible enough to adjust for your needs) and ways to track the progress. And all the information and instructions to get going. Download it, and let’s begin.
  • Step 3: Join the exclusive student support group to get help all the way till you have PMP certificate in your hands (link provided inside module-zero).

That’s it!

It probably won’t get simpler and surer than this.

Yes, It’s possible to pass PMP exam under 6 weeks. Click to discover how..

Who can take up this challenge?

You can take up this challenge,

What is included in PMP Last Mile Prep program?

This is a complete PMP prep course with over 37 hrs of video training content itself. This course saves time, reduces overall study effort, and gives you the little known uber-techniques to ace the exam. Becoming a better project manager at the end of this course is an automatic by-product.

To cover some of the content –

  • Application support is part of the course, I give you steps and template to put together your experience in a way PMI expects. So that your application is not rejected. I personally review each application before submission.
  • To begin with you get a proven study plan is included based on my #1 Amazon best seller book. This is flexible enough to suit your own schedule and time constraints. Begin with this clarity.
  • The popular mind map based video training, so that you can learn PMP while enjoying the process (no more boring bullet points slide based training)
  • At the end of each video lesson take 2 simulators to test your knowledge. Then watch me solving these questions by demonstrating how to apply the concepts to questions on the exam – prepare for the real exam while studying the content itself
  • Use knowledge capsules to revise the content in shorter time. Make use of your lunch break and office commute time to pace your learning, so you can take time to spend with family after reaching home!
  • Smart flash cards (using a unique strategy to reduce study time)
  • Simulators (over 760 questions)
  • Learn different types of question that PMI asks, identify the type in 2 seconds, apply specific strategy in next 4 seconds and answer questions quickly.  What will you do with the additional 33 minutes you get on the exam using this strategy?
  • A unique psychology based exam taking approach to not just optimize time but to ALWAYS be in a positive frame of mind during the exam
  • Formula guide that covers formulas even outside of PMBOK but you can expect on the exam. Explained with reasoning and shown how to use on sample questions. Pocket all formula based questions on the exam in no time.
  • Mnemonics (memory devices) to remember critical concepts from all the knowledge areas, and recall instantly on the exam.
  • More effective (and surprising) content – mind maps, study shortcuts from toppers, 15-min cheatsheet, brain dump, and more.
  • Ah, don’t miss taking a look at the bonuses… including the 24+ hr Audio Pack so you can listen and learn even when commuting to office and back, or during lunch break, or even while waiting for that dreaded meeting to begin.

Marie says..

Marie is one of the students of PMP Last Mile Prep program. She passed her PMP exam recently (wait for her ‘PMP Lessons Learned’ article for some of her cool study tips!).

This is what she had to say about how the  ‘Last Mile prep’ course helped her –

Marie passed her PMP Exam using PMP Last Mile prep program

Yes, It’s possible to pass PMP exam under 6 weeks. Click to discover how..

Beverly says..

PMP Last Mile prep program testimonial


I agree that passing PMP® exam is hard.

It is also a fact that the weirdness of this exam isn’t particularly endearing (no official word on how the exam is scored, multiple options that are partially correct, etc).

Preparing is harder, considering that you are pulled in all directions by the demands at work, need to give time to family, for social and personal commitments.

Beginning 2020 the whole thing could get even harder – with appraisal first, and then changes to PMP® exam itself (which is a WHOLE new ball game).

In view of these, I do hope that you will utilize this opportunity to pass your PMP® exam now using the path-of-least-resistance.

Are you up for this challenge?

If you are, I’m with you all the way to make this happen.

Yes, It’s possible to pass PMP exam under 6 weeks. Click to discover how..

Feel free to reach out to me if you had any questions – Shiv(at)PMExamSmartNotes(dot)com

Share this post with ONE friend or colleague of yours that is preparing for PMP exam.

Let’s keep 2020 to get to the next level. With PMP® under your belt already as you step into the New Year.

Keep moving,

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