How You Can Get PMP® Certified Before New Exam Kicks In!

pm-exam-last-mile-prep-program8 weeks from now till the new PMP® exam rolls over.

This is AMPLE time to prepare for and pass the exam.

Even if you are starting from scratch now.

2020 has not been the year we would have bargained for at the beginning of the year. But we can leave this year on a high now.

By getting PMP® certified.

I am offering 15% discount on the entire PM Exam Last Mile prep program right now.

The offer ends 4th November midnight PT.

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Grab your seat now, here.

So you can get in now, work with me, and get out with “PMP” next to your name.

My students have done it in 4 weeks, 6 weeks, one in 15 days, and one even in 10 days.

I am not claiming you can will be PMP® certified in 10 days. 🙂

While I know that it is not impossible, either.

This program is engineered in such a ways that students simply ‘get it’ when they study the vast syllabus, using the brain-friendly mind map based video approach.

And the mind maps act as a powerful revision tool as well, the day before the exam.

3 hours is all that it takes to do a 100% revision of ENTIRE PMP® study content!

How powerful that’d be!

The benefits are well beyond the exam.

It makes you more effective project manager.

Sign up today to work with me, and together we will reach your PMP® goal.

When you sign up today, you will get instant access to –

  • – The 14-module PM Exam Last Mile course – so you enjoy the study content
  • – PMP Exam Secret Strategies – so you save over 40% of time and effort
  • – Onboard 1-1 session with me, where we also create your own customized study plan
  • – One-on-one weekly calls with me, to fast track your preparation
  • – Quick resolution to any and all of your PMP® topic related questions on a daily basis, so you keep moving towards your goal

This is probably the path-of-least-resistance to your PMP® goal before the harder exam kicks in.

> Click here and join me. Let’s get PMP®! <<

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