Half of 2019 is gone! And you can still fulfill your New Year PMP® resolution!

In fact right now is the best time to get started. BEFORE the new PMP exam kicks in on 16 Dec, 2019!

I will help you achieve it. Even if you wanted to make it in next 30-45 days!

stakeholder management training

The PMP Last Mile course students loved the course and live mock tests as I solved ’em. And now you can access the video training and mock test, and its solution video for Free!

Hope you have been able to enjoy the free PMP® trainings we’ve published in the recent past, and here’s a brand new free PMP® training for you today.

I just concluded putting together a massive training on Project Stakeholder Management, covering the following areas –

  • How to identify stakeholders?
  • How to get stakeholders support the project?
  • How to create Stakeholder Register?
  • How to create Stakeholder Engagement plan?
  • How to classify Stakeholders?
  • What’s Power-Interest/Power-Influence grid?
  • What is Stakeholder Cube?
  • What is Salience model, how is it used?
  • How to do Stakeholder Analysis?
  • What is Stakeholder Engagement Assessment Matrix?
  • What skills needed to manage stakeholders?
  • …and more

Explained with examples, mnemonics, thumb rules, and mind map… in ways that you cannot forget even if you wanted to!

One of the important parts of PMP® exam is PROJECT STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT – this has process each in Initiating, Planning, Executing, and Monitoring & Controlling process groups!

And in this 7-part, 3+ hours of conversational training you will learn ALL the concepts required to answer Stakeholder Management questions on your PMP exam.

Some of students say they feel as if I am tutoring them one-on-one and they find it much easier to study this way.

Plus, I have included 2 mock tests. Take the tests and mark your answers and score. Then I show you how to go about answering them on the exam.

Plus the entire mind map – both in raw form and image form, so you can add on with your own notes and/or simply print and paste at your study desk.

For being part of PMExamSmartNotes community you will be able to access part training for free today.

Please note that this training is part of a larger paid course, and will be disabled for non-members shortly, so please go ahead and sign up today –

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I will see you in the training!

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