Free PMP Kindle Book download: Master Your Time Management Concepts

Master Your Time Management Concepts5th book in the series is available for free access on Amazon Kindle platform right now.

Please note that this book is available for free for 2 days only – that is, 12am PST 5-Oct-16 to midnight PST of Tuesday 6-Oct-16.

Please click here to get ‘Master Your Time Management Concepts’ book.

Want to find whether you are still in the free-access time window? Click here to see the PST time.

I need your help!

If you liked any of these books (which I hope you do!) don’t forget to leave a couple of sentences of honest feedback on Amazon page. If the book does not live up to your expectation, please do write to me so I can further improve it!

Here’re the links to previous Kindle books in the series –

Missed the boat?

No worries, you can still get 8 more books in the series. Click here to get notified when remaining books are allowed for free access on Kindle.

Thank you, and have a productive week!

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