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Friends, I’m giving away one of my PMP books, PMP Exam Prep: Master Your Integration Management Concepts, for $3.99 FREE today.

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>> Download Integration Management book for FREE now <<


This book is updated for the latest PMBOK (6th) version and the latest 2021 PMP syllabus and includes the Predictive and Agile project management concepts in the Integration Management knowledge area.


Some of the Integration management concepts covered are –

✓ Business value and Benefits realization
✓ Project feasibility assessments
✓ Process analysis techniques
✓ Developing project plan
✓ Getting project work done
✓ Managing project knowledge
✓ Overseeing project work
✓ Change management in projects
✓ Closing a project
✓ Corresponding sections for Agile-Hybrid projects

>> Priced at $3.99, download for FREE today here! <<

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