Dhananjay Kadam (PMP in 2.5mths): Plan Your 4hrs of Exam Well!


First of all, thanks to you for wonderful e-books; it helped me a lot.

Especially your formula e-book which covers all the formulas.

Here I want to share my experience with people who are planning to give the exam. So here is my PMP Lessons Learned –

dhananjay pmp lessons learnedI did in almost 2.5 months – daily 3-4 hours study with 25-50 questions each day. I used to do random revision of what I had studied earlier like concepts, process, ITTO almost each day before I start studying for new topic. This will give you confidence on what you have covered so far that you have not forgotten.

In last 2 weeks before exam; I did not study much but I used to write the things I remember like Process, concepts, formulas etc and completely devoted to sample questions and understanding the answers.

On the exam day; I started my day as normal and exam was @ 8.00 am @ Mumbai center. After completing all the formalities; I started my exam and within 10 mins I was completely demoralized as all the questions in first 10 mins were situation based questions. This kept on going and you will not believe I got almost 90-95% situation based questions with hardly 4-5 sums and no ethical questions at all.

In first 1 hour; I would complete hardly 30 questions due to huge paragraph style questions. I wanted to complete all the questions so I started marking questions for review on questions for which I was not that confidant. In last 10 mins; I had almost 30 questions left to answer; 25 questions marked for review and 4 questions in between left with no answer.

I made every attempt to solve 34 questions and the moment I selected the 34th question’s answer; it timed out.

I was completely tensed and waiting for result and it came out to be a good result. I passed with proficient score in 4 process groupsĀ  and 1 moderately proficient for Monitoring & Controlling process group. I would suggest people to be prepared for every situation for exam.

Dhananjay Kadam, PMP

Note from Shiv: Managing 4hrs on the exam is very crucial. I’ve explained an approach that worked for me and hundreds of people I coach, here. Hope it helps!

PS: Here’s another super simple way to make sure you answer MOST of the questions during your exam!