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dan-ryan-pmp-pngDan Ryan is a dear friend of mine. Dan is a Project Management expert & PMP exam coach. Dan has trained thousands of project managers world-wide in person and with virtual webinar led classes. Dan has 20 years’ experience as a Project Manager and has taught Project Management on the graduate level at NYU, Dowling College and Molloy College.

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What next?

At least 85% of PMESN members report of having a false-start to their PMP preparation, and most often than not this is due to lost study momentum. Well, how about building daily study momentum and get some motivation?

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No matter how busy your day is, come to this community page, read through the question and answer it, check answers of previous questions – all of this may take less than 5 minutes. And this helps you keep the study momentum going!

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It shows you everything you need to know to start PMP prep (even if you are starting from scratch) to acing the exam and getting your certificate (Celebration options excluded 🙂 ).

Benefit from other PMPs’ experiences

One of the effective ways to study for PMP is to see what other successful PMP students have done to get their PMP certification, and emulating what works for you. This way you will avoid many pitfalls along your PMP journey.

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What’s more?

If you scroll up this page all the way up, and take a look at the right sidebar you’ll notice a section titled ‘Important Posts’. That is where you’ll find few gems that can bring in a dramatic change to your exam preparation efforts.

I wish you super success. Go ace that exam!


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