PMPrepcast and Other Offers!

Well, you are in for some serious luck!

Update: I added some more bonuses and discount – click here for complete details!


Bonus #1 eBook: ’250 Best PMP Sample Questions with Answers Explained’

In this book I have selected best 250 questions from a repository of thousands of sample PMP questions I collected around the web, and hundreds I created from PMBOK for my study.

Bonus #2 eBook: ‘The Complete PMP Formula Guide’

pm prepcast
This ebook – The Complete PMP Formula Guide – briefly explains each concept, the formula involved and shows how to solve them by using sample exam questions. Going through sample questions is the best method to apply the formulas you have learned and it breeds familiarity with such questions.


..and much much more.
Find about all the bonuses and discount by clicking here.

These books have been prepared keeping examination success in mind. Hope you will find these useful to prepare well for your PMP.

Thank you for all the support you are extending to PMESN blog!

Wish you best of success,

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