Crack the New PMP Exam (2018) in 4 Weeks [Grab this Best Seller PMP Book Today!]

pmp lessons shared“…It will be a valuable tool in your PMP toolkit.”
– Wayne A Dunlap, PMP
Project Manager, U.S. Army

I originally published this book when PMI updated PMP exam in 2016. It was a labor of love, triggered by the insistence of PMExamSmartNotes blog readers.

It was also a tribute to hundreds of PMP® students that kept faith in my methods and approach to the PMP® exam and embraced them.

The book was very well-received and and many people that used the book to pass their PMP® exam wrote unsolicited testimonials.

This is what Cornelius said about the book –

“This is probably one of the important books you will need to have in your PMP® prep arsenal. Shiv Shenoy has been helping students prepare for PMP exam through his blog and coaching.

I’m glad to see him bringing out this book to help students prepare for the new PMP exam […]”

– Cornelius Fichtner, PMP
Author of The Project Management PrepCast

And within days of the release the book went on to hit #1 Best Seller ranking in all the 3 categories that it was listed in, both in the Amazon US first, and the it hit #1 Best Seller ranking in Amazon Canada store front!

amazon number 1 best seller

First version of this book reached best seller #1 within weeks

Then it hit #1 Best seller position in Amazon India store front as well.

Cut to the present

After PMI released the new version of exam based on PMBOK-6 earlier this year, I began speaking to PMP candidates that took the new exam.

Then I began updating the book, and over the last weekend published it.

crack the new 2018 pmp exam in 4 weeks

Lo and behold, with absolutely ZERO marketing the book has raced to #2 position.

A non-fiction book priced at $7.99, racing to the top (well, almost 🙂 ) over the weekend is something that I absolutely didn’t expect.

4wk book position2 27aug18

The book reached #2 best seller spot over the weekend

To celebrate this I am slashing the book price from $7.99 to just 99 cents for few hours now.

Please click to grab it before the price reverts back to the original.

Here’s what you will learn in the book –
  • How PMP® can greatly increase your chances of higher salary, better opportunity, and recognition in the industry, so you can progress faster
  • What do you need to know about the updated syllabus based new PMP® exam, thus avoiding confusion and simplify your study efforts
  • An easy way to apply for PMP® on PMI site, so your application is not rejected for want of information (template provided). Phew! this is a stress reliever.
  • The whole examination process explained step-by-step – so you can move ahead confidently
  • New PMP® exam changes
  • PMP® myths – best avoided to increase your chances of passing the exam
  • Thumb rules that can help you answer those vague questions on the exam
  • A step-by-step 4-week study plan – refined over last 4 years based on the feedback from thousands of PMP® students. The clincher!
  • Simple technique to answer any ITTO based questions with confidence (no need to spend days or weeks trying to remember ITTOS!)
  • Powerful tips and techniques at each step to simplify your PMP journey, increase your confidence and reduce overall study time
  • Strategy to save 15+mins with access to formulas and more during your exam, legally!
  • PMP® prep advice from people around the world that took PMP exam and passed. Learn from their mistakes, avoid pitfalls. Priceless.
  • How to get your PMP® certification resources funded for Free!
  • A way to get ‘Last Mile’ prep material to make your PMP® journey easier and enjoyable, teaching you what is not given in PMBOK guide – including ways to identify the ‘type’ of a question and answer it in seconds. This can get you into a confident state of mind instantly during the exam & save you 15-20 mins to answer tougher questions.
  • Download the 4-week PMP study plan checklist.

Here’s what you need to know before checking out the book –

Please note that this book is NOT a PMP® Study Guide.

I don’t want you to mistake it for that.

It did happen to few people, and unfortunately they left a bad review on amazon. 🙂

What this book does for you is that it gives you a result-oriented Exam Blueprint, along with tips, techniques, free resources by leveraging the experience of the author AND insights derived by his interaction with over 2479+ students he has helped pass PMP® exam so far.

‘Crack the New PMP® Exam (2018) in 4 Weeks – Using Simple, Proven, Step-by-step Approach’ is a collective intelligence based blueprint to ace your PMP® exam.

Don’t have a kindle?

No worries. You can easily read this book through the Kindle Cloud Reader on your Computer or through the free Kindle Reader App on any smartphone or desktop.

In next 30 seconds.

Many of the tips and techniques you learn here can be applied for other certification exams as well in your career.

This book is updated with newer insights discovered from time to time.

pmp test center experience“If you are looking for a ‘one-stop shop’ in your approach to successfully passing the new PMP exam, use this resource from Shiv Shenoy. It is everything you need to know and more, written succinctly and in an easy to read format….”
– Kim Hammond, PMP

In Summary,

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with many PMPs to bring this book out for you.

I hope you will check this book out and plan to make your PMP prep a memorable exercise.

Go check this book out, and if you find it useful (which I hope it does) please leave an honest review on the Amazon page.

If you have any feedback at all I would love to have it and make this book better.

Please write to me at Shiv[at]PMExamSmartNotes[dot]com

Have an amazing day!

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