LATEST UPDATE: Corona Impact – Message to our community

UPDATE 25-March-2020: PearsonVUE is opening some of the test centers from 1-May-2020!

PearsonVue has announced that it will open some of the test centers to take PMP tests from 1-May-2020. Locations include few places in USA.

Considering the COVID related precautions they need to take, the need to maintain distance between two candidates, the test center capacity has practically reduced to 50%.

It is best that you reach out to the PearsonVUE test center that you are planning to take the exam in and find out the earliest time you can book your exam slot with them. Act quickly before the test slots fly away.

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UPDATE 14-March-2020: PMP Exam Goes Online!

Yes! PMI announced today that PMP exam will be moved online, which means you can take the test from the comfort of your home, office, or even a hotel room.

Of course there are changes to the way exam is conducted (no scratch papers, a 10-min break, etc.) and I published a blog post to explain more about PMP online exam announcement.

UPDATE 27-Mar-2020: Online PMP exam soon!!

Sunil Prashara (President & CEO PMI) has announced that they are working on bringing PMP online exam mid April. You can take the PMP exam from the comfort of your home (or office)!

So, if you are getting closer to completing your prep or can manage with some focused study now, this is a great opportunity!

If you need help, simply book a free consult slot with me and I will help you get there >

UPDATE 18-Mar-2020: PMI extends new exam date from 1-July-2020 to 2-Jan-2021

PMI today stated that, “For all PMP candidates, we are extending access to the current PMP exam until 31 December 2020 and postponing the launch of the new PMP exam until 2 January 2021.”

Please note that in current scenario you’d like to postpone your exam, PMI offers a refund and/or no-penalty rescheduling option:

For candidates who already scheduled the exam but are unable to take it due to health restrictions or delayed with training, PMI will offer you to reschedule your exam and will automatically extend your exam eligibility until 18 January 2021. All paid fees will be eligible for a refund and you will be able to reschedule without accruing penalty fees. We are also actively exploring and expediting solutions to offer alternative PMP® exam delivery options, and will share more information as it becomes available.

UPDATE 16-Mar-2020: PearsonVUE closes test centers in U.S. and Canada for one MONTH from today.

Image: update on PearsonVUE site posted on March 10, 2020

Dear friend, I know that you’re getting a lot of messages like this. I did want to take a moment to let you know that we’re thinking of you during these uncertain times.

While PearsonVue is making sure that their test centers are equipped with necessaries and have few additional checks for test takers (regular updates here, check if it is suspended in your country), please take a moment to assess your exam date based on prevailing conditions.

Please share this important update with friend/colleague preparing for PMP exam

Many of you have asked me if PMI will push the new exam date in view of the current situation.

As of now PMI has offered an extension of exam eligibility period for those that have scheduled their exam and cannot take the exam due to the current scenario. Reschedule of exam allowed at no fee penalty.

But as of now no official word about pushing out the new exam dates.

If you reside outside of US and Canada, please call up your local PearsonVUE test center and find out the status.

If you read thus far you belong to one of two buckets –

  1. You have scheduled your test either in next 30 days or beyond
  2. You are yet to schedule your exam but definitely planning to take the test before new exam kicks in.

If you belong to bucket #1 you can reschedule your date without paying a penalty fee (PMI has waived it off).

You go ahead schedule for a date after March 16th & before 30th June.

If you belong to bucket #2, you have some time to arrive at a realistic exam date and then go schedule the exam.

If you are yet to submit your application, you can do that any time. I can help with this process to speed up.

One thing you must consider now: when PearsonVUE reopens their doors there will be TONs of people looking to schedule their test. Not just PMP test but all other tests that PearsonVUE conducts.

No matter what it decides in near future, this is not a time to take your foot off the pedal.

As they say, every crisis brings with it some opportunity.

Considering the fact that majority of us are working from home, this is a great opportunity to carve in a couple of study hours every day and prepare for your test much, much better.

When you are prepared, and the exam slots open up, you can quickly grab one and pass the exam.

We are still a good number of weeks away from the new exam and even by starting now you can pass the exam without rushing into it.

And I am here to help.

To further enable you to make use of this opportunity window I am offering a 25% on all my PMP courses with immediate effect.

Use the coupon code: STUDYATHOME

I am opening up the one-on-one weekly coaching calls with me ($497 bonus) to the students of BOTH these courses/

If you have any questions, let me know.

Stay safe,

Shiv Shenoy

Situation is uncertain out there, but you can utilize this opportunity to prepare for your test with confidence. When all the Corona scare ends, you would have come out of it a winner, in more ways than one.

Let us fight this together.

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