How I Developed Confidence For PMP Exam : Helen Abigo, PMP

Helen Abigo is a MBA International Business from Orlando, Florida. She recently got her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. This is a short account of how she went about it. – Shiv

build pmp confidence


I decided to get PMP certified because I was coordinating projects and felt that getting certified will give me a boost in my career.

I started studying 6 months ago, and began with PMP Prep course by Umer Waqar

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Study material

I also studied Rita Mulcahy, I learned the process map like the back of my hand.

I used the PMBOK guide more as a reference book, and focused more on the changes in the new edition. I enrolled with Simplilearn 2 weeks boot camp to get my 35 contact hours and took the exam 1 week afterwards.

Next, I started practicing with 50 questions, then 100 questions.

1 week before the exam, I took 200 questions at a time to get used to sitting down for the whole test.

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The Exam

The exam is more situational – what should you do next,? what should you have done to avoid this? What document did he use? What tools and techniques? What input? So you should know the esteemating tools and when they are used, quality tool and what they are used for, change making process.

Initiating and Closing Knowledge Areas do not have much so you should know everything about them so you don’t get less than proficiency in these areas.

About 10 calculation problems, important ones are: CV, SV, CPI, SPI, EAC etc, communication channels, critical path. has 400 free questions, pm study has 200 free questions, download pm mentor app.


PMP is difficult but not impossible. For me, Confidence is key. I enrolled in the bootcamp because I wanted to build my confidence. Also, taking the mock tests helps build confidence.

Good luck,

Helen Abigo, PMP

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