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FREE PMP Exam Coaching with Shiv Shenoy

Hello! It’s awesome that you are here. Please choose one of the options below to book PMP exam coaching strategies, tips, or follow-up calls with me.

Jeremy Rasool passed his PMP exam with PM Exam Last Mile prep program –

NOTE – Please read the options below carefully before booking the slot.

Are you PM Exam Last Mile Prep program student?

If this is our first call, please go over the ‘PMP® Secret Strategies’ course first (you get this as Bonus!), and then book 2 consecutive (30 minutes) call with me. We shall discuss any open questions you may have on strategies, and go over your study plan. And we shall discuss any challenges you are currently facing wrt prep planning.  Please take is 2-minute survey first >>

Next, book TWO consecutive slots from the calendar below.

Note – If you are booking a weekly follow-up call, please book a single slot.

– OR –

Looking for the shortest, surest, and enjoyable way of passing your PMP® exam?

  1. First, head over and invest in this most popular brain-friendly and exam-friendly PMP prep program >>
  2. Then follow the section #1 steps above.

– OR –

Preparing for PMP® exam and looking for the best way to pass the exam with zero stress? Book a Free ‘PMP® Quick Success’ consultation call with me –

This is a $47 session, but I am offering it for FREE. Please book TWO consecutive slots below.

Here is what we cover in the ‘PMP® Quick Success’ call –

  • I will help you get past the biggest blocker you may have in your PMP prep right now.
  • Discover a sure-fire formula of PMP success in the shortest possible time!
  • Discover the biggest trap to avoid that can cause you to fail the exam!
  • Discover the #1 secret that over 90% of PMP students miss in the PMP preparation.

You will come out of this session getting 100% clarity about your own shortest preparation plan to pass PMP, plus, a free PMP study resource.

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PM Exam Last Mile Prep Program: Student Speak

Vicky Adams PMP coaching student

Shiv helped me build a flexible study plan with buffers. We had weekly check-ins via Skype which were great for tracking my progress and holding myself accountable.

In addition, Shiv shared a lot of practical tips and knowledge so that I could study more efficiently and approach the exam with confidence. I passed PMP with 4 Above-Target score!

– Vicky Adams, PMP (Germany)

Madhusudan scored a perfect all Above Target score with PM Exam Last Mile prep program –

>> Find more information about PM Exam Last Mile Prep program here (including a $497 exam-success bonus!) <<

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