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In my earlier message I shared the news that PMI has pushed the new PMP® exam date.

The new exam was earlier announced to be kicking in on 16 December 2019, which, as of now stands revised at 1 July 2020.

Now if you had not begun your prep yet, this is a good news.

But if you did begin your prep, this is a great news!

You know why?

Because you have already overcome one of the biggest hurdles to PMP® prep, which is..

Never Able to Begin.

Most of the aspirants want to begin, wish to begin, swear to begin, even plan to begin… but never actually get to begin their PMP® preparation.

Now that you have begun, you have it easy.

For one, there is NOT going to be mad rush to book the exam slots at PearsonVUE. You can get a slot pretty much for any date you want.

Two, many people are going to take it easy and drop their prep efforts.

Please don’t do that.

Don’t follow the herd.

Get going now and get through with your PMP® exam by this year-end.

Third, no matter where you have been with your prep so far, I am giving you a fast track route now.

This is not a shortcut, mind you – because when it comes to PMP® exam, there are no shortcuts.

Of course, you can make it easy and enjoyable experience (the path-of-least-resistance way), as the PMP® Last Mile Prep program students can vouch for… but there are no shortcuts.

So, this fast track route.

PMP Launchpad Course

Grab this course for free – for a limited time! Sign up below.

This is a new course I have just released.. which for a short time I am going to give for free.

For my people.


Go ahead and sign up for free PMP® course online: ‘PMP® Launchpad’.

This is a 10-day course. You get an email in your inbox as the new content is released every day. Just follow the link in the email, consume the content, watch the video, and then move on with your day.

This is the least disruptive way to get the most for your PMP® prep efforts.

Get that much-needed boost to your exam prep.

You will be at a different level of confidence in 10 days from now.

I promise.

Sign up to access the course for free, and get more PMP goodies right into your mailbox.

Cheers and all the best,
Shiv Shenoy, PMP

PS: If you are on LinkedIn, tap/click the Bell icon 🔔 on my profile to get all the PMP content right into your feed.

PPS: Like I said, I am giving this away for a limited time – so grab this opportunity and get going.

Any questions you have, all you got to do is email and ask me. I’m here to help you land your PMP® goal.

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