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This is just the beginning of November.

It is almost unbelievable that we have approached the end of 2021 so quickly.

We have just about 7-8 weeks remaining in this year, out of about 52 weeks.

Here is an interesting fact: On an average my students take about 6 weeks to get PMP certified.

What does this mean for you, as someone that’s preparing for the PMP exam?

This means that whether you are,

..just thinking of taking up PMP exam

..have been thinking about it for a looong time, and then the new exam rolled in

..have begun and put the preparation on back burner due to other higher priority work

..or, took the exam and failed it, unfortunately

.. now is a GREAT time to take up PMP preparation and..


..Definitely before the 2021 ends.

That reminds me..

I passed my PMP, years ago, on the evening of 31st December.

Well, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine how my New Year celebration was!

Enough to say that, for a shy & introvert person, I did raise few eyebrows of our neighbors with my erratic dance move around the community campfire that night! 😀

I remember the feeling so vividly..

Getting certified after close to 3 years of deciding to take up PMP.

Finally, doing it on the very last day of the year.

It felt as if starting the New Year with the New Year Resolution already fulfilled!


A feeling of relief of a burden lifted off my shoulder, a self-appreciation of meeting a tough goal, and the excitement of opportunities in store of the future!

And PMP did open up a LOT of opportunities for me.

One of which is.. be able to help other people like me, struggling with the uncertainties and load of preparing for one of the toughest career-boosting certification exams – PMP.

And from that point onwards, I have been, with your love & support, been able to help over 5235 people, directly through my PMP courses and coaching, pass the PMP exam.

..and tens of thousands of more through my study note blog posts, prep-experience interviews of hundreds of successful PMPs, and 15 PMP books on Amazon.

This week, again with your love and support, we did something incredible.

12 out of 15 spots of Amazon Best Seller list, including number #1, taken by our PMP books!

Here it is –

shiv shenoy amazon best seller number 1 3nov21 696

That is an incredible feeling.

And it reminded me of the moment I had during my tough PMP exam preparation days.

It was past midnight.

I was sitting at my desk, feeling like I had hit the dead-end in my preparation. It felt like none of what I had studied for the past 6 months I was able to recall.

It was the 4th time I had seriously taken up PMP studies, with an intention of taking the exam, no matter what.

I’d reached a point where I was okay even if I failed, I would be happy just to take that attempt at the exam I had been postponing over the years.

But then the possibility of failure was even painful.

That meant I had to study all over again, all the while carrying the pain of missing an opportunity.

It felt like I was going crazy.

And at that moment I closed my eyes, lifted my face and said a silent prayer.

I made a promise to myself.

With folded hands I pleaded.

“God, please help me pass this exam. I promise to myself that I will help AS MANY people as I can pass this exam. Please.”

That seemed like the last resort.

That weekend,

..while cleaning my room, I chanced upon a mnemonic book that I had bought to help with my studies when I was in 10th standard. Literally decades ago.

It was a postal-order thing I had bought for a princely sum for a young 16yr old from his savings – by today’s measure, about $16!

As I sat at my desk with this book in hand, I could recall all the techniques.

A sense of relief and hope swept through me.

Soon, I began applying those techniques to my PMP studies,… and VOILA! I was able to recall the complex concepts and formulas quite effortlessly.

Once I passed the exam, I seriously began thinking of ways of helping other PMP students.

Maybe books and courses – to teach PMP using these techniques, I thought.

Helping others became my top priority.

I sought out people on the forums to help, without a sense of time or effort.

In fact I had spent over 8 months converting all my study notes in a way that is easily consumable on the blog.

That is how, this blog, became one of the top blogs offering end-to-end solution for PMP students, for free.

I poured months of long hours into creating books first, and then courses where I could share my mnemonic based, brain-friendly ways of learning complex PMP material.

Learn in a way that makes it easy to recall at will.

Not just on the exam, but also on the job, whenever needed.

And today, a combination of these books, courses, and coaching have helped tens of thousands of PMP students across the globe prepare for the exam effortlessly and pass it with ease.

While enjoying the whole process.

The best thing?

As a result, they naturally become better project managers – to be able to recall what to do when in a specific situation and try it out. See the results. Improvise. Be better.

And today, to celebrate the Amazon Best Seller list, I am doing something I haven’t done earlier.

I’m going to help you pass your PMP exam

To the buyers of my Ace Your PMP Exam series book, I will give 20 minutes of 1-1 call to strategize your PMP exam.

We will talk about –

  • The blockers you are facing right now
  • How to get past them
  • How to come up with a study plan according to your time frame
  • I will also give a free study plan template, so you can track your progress against it

How to schedule the free PMP strategy call with me?

Pass PMP Exam with the series "Ace Your PMP Exam" - 12 books for amazingly simple and effective study.

It’s pretty simple.

Step 1: Click this link to go to the Amazon page of Ace Your PMP Exam series book

Step 2: Go ahead with the purchase. You will get access instantly!

Step 3: Send your Amazon’s confirmation email to And I will send you the calendar to book your free 1-1 PMP Strategy discussion call.

That’s it.

If you are still feeling hesitant about PMP, I understand it.

But here is something to understand.

PMP – with the addition of Agile and Hybrid content at the beginning of Jan-2021 – has become the #1 Project Management Certification In the World.

PMI’s latest Salary Survey has shown that PMP certified Project Managers earn 25% more on an average than non-PMPs.

Many organizations are including PMP as a qualification at the resume-filtering level itself.

Quite a lot of my students, and those I have interviewed on my blog after they passed PMP, have got better opportunities in their career.

A promotion.

Change of Profile.

Change of industry.

A new, better job.

The scope for growth is incredible!

There is no better way to move ahead in the project management career – both from the perspective of recognition as well as knowledge to improve the skills – than PMP.

So, go ahead and take that plunge.

Get PMP certified in next 6-8 weeks.

Aim to end 2021 with the 3 magic letters next to your name – P. M. P.

It will be worth all the sweat, blood, and tears you would have poured into the preparation.

And I am here to ensure you pour the least amount of it, or maybe none :-), with my books, course, and coaching.

So, here it is again –

Step 1: Click this link to go to the Amazon page of Ace Your PMP Exam series book

Step 2: Go ahead with the purchase. You will get access instantly!

Step 3: Send your Amazon’s confirmation email to And I will send you the calendar to book your free 1-1 PMP Strategy discussion call.

Take this baby step towards the worthy PMP goal today.

I will talk to you soon!

Shiv Shenoy, PMP


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