How I Secured All 5 ‘Above Target’ PMP Score – Emma Smart, PMP

So excited to have passed the exam. Now, I’m officially PMP Certified! And with ‘Above Target’ score in all 5 domains on my first attempt.

above target pmp

My preparations

Working, young children to take care and other commitments made the journey long and challenging. I was determined and focused and it paid.

Coming across Shiv was a blessing, his emails, books and advice to invest in prepcast were great.

My journey,

1. Started with PMBOK four months in advance, spending approximately 6-7 hrs a day. I marked the important lined and terms while reading which helped me a lot in keeping track. And this also helped during last 2 weeks in reviewing and remembering the important terms.

I booked the exam slot just before 3 weeks as I was not sure if I am ready for it.

2. I gave full-length tests and scored 72% to 90%. I did all the 9 mock exams and all questions in each of the knowledge areas.

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3. I listened to Cornelius Fichtner three times for each knowledge area and each time I learned something new. it was a good investment.

4. I continued taking mocks tests while I was referring to PMBoK, Rita’s book, all Shiv’s resources. I almost attempted 3m,000 questions. Shiv’s books were great as they simplified things for me.

5. Also watched few YouTube video by Praizion.

In the end,

Getting Above Target score in PMP is everyone’s dream. And it is very much possible with simple planning and consistent effort. And a bit of perseverance.

Thanks Shiv for always replying my emails and encouragement.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your PMP Lessons Learned on this blog! They’ve certainly helped me. I hope my experience will give you a tip or two to implement in your study.

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Good luck, and aim for that perfect score!

Emma Smart, PMP

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