5 PMP Exam Prep Tips To Help You Score Better!

pmp exam tipsMany of Facebook community members have asked about PMP exam prep tips, so I thought of answering them here in the form of few exam tips. Hope this helps.

1. Please note that different exam centers around the world use different ways of administering the exam. Some provide you with physical calculator, some ask you to use the software version on the exam software itself.

Thus make yourself familiar with using both. Use a physical calculator while taking few mock tests, and use the inbuilt (PC or Mac) calculator program while taking few more.

2. Some exam centers give you physical paper & pencil while taking your exam. Most of them take back the first sheet(s) when you ask for another sheet of paper. Some centers give you laminated sheets and marker pen. It is hard to write down brain-dump with this, so if possible make sure you get papers and pencil.

Click here to refer to my brain-dump. Feel free to keep this as the basis to create yours.

3. Make sure you ask for noise cancelling headphones while entering exam room. Towards the end of YOUR 4hrs there might be much noise (other candidates asking for assistance with survey and stuff), and that’s a time when concentration levels are low (and tension high if you have many more questions to answer) – and you don’t want any disturbance.

4. There is a specific strategy you can employ to make sure that you answer most of the questions on the exam based on your level of preparation. Try this on one of your 4hr mock tests and see if it works.Search for the word “strategy” on this page to know that strategy.

5. About the way PMI does scoring – what we know is that no one knows 🙂

But here’s the answer given by Cornelius. Search for the word “dirty” on this page.

Bonus PMP exam prep tip

It is recommended that you physically visit the exam center in the week preceding your exam. This helps in many aspects (one candidate found that the exam center had moved, when she went there!).

  • Verify your exam date and time slot
  • Ask for do’s and don’ts (some centers do not allow laptops even in reception area!)
  • Take permission if you need to carry medicine during the exam
  • Try to take same mode of transport and route as you will be taking on the exam day and see how long it takes for you to reach the exam center. Plan to be there at least 2hrs in advance. (I drove to my exam center few days before the exam and decided to take a cab on the day of exam!)

Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them.

Keep Calm & Ace PMP.

PS: Here’s free PMP training for you!

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