2013: A Fantastic Slideshare Year For PMESN

thanksI have a great news to share. PMESN’s content is among the top 2% of most viewed on SlideShare in 2013!

Thank you friends, this is possible only due to your support! This also indicates that you are finding value in the content churned out on this blog, on Slideshare and Facebook, Twitter and G+ community. It makes all the effort worthwhile. 🙂

PMESN was started with the goal is taking a PMP aspirant on the shortest possible path to get his or her PMP certification.


  • Because managing a full time job and PMP preparation is not easy
  • Because building momentum on PMP study is hard, maintaining is harder
  • Because information overload on the internet alone causes hindrance to study
  • Because knowing very well that PMP is an answer to growing fast (financially as well as opportunity-wise) we find it difficult to prepare well

Today PMESN is very much on its way to give you a way to fastest PMP journey from decision to study PMP to passing the exam. Wait for more fantastic resources to make your journey even shorter.

Just to let you know, as of today over 9496 people all around the world have been benefited by PMP lessons on this blog!

On a side note, a little coincidence to note about Slideshare stats –

  • 17 presentations were uploaded: 1+7 = 8
  • The year was 2013
  • Now if you rearrange 2013 and 8, you get 21038.

That’s exactly the number of times these presentations were viewed! 🙂

Don’t believe me? Click here to see the stats!

In just 2 weeks into 2014, now total views have crossed 23000!

Thank you, once again. Yes, you. YOU make this happen. 🙂


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